Getting Started

A full list of all commands and aliases can be found on the Commands Page.

Character Creation

Hello! Welcome to the guidebook for the IdleRPG Bot. This bot is mainly focused around an adventure-styled text-based game.
To get started, you will first need to make a character. Type $create <name> to do so, for example $create Balthasar

The above will name your character "Balthasar".
If you mess up the naming or change your mind, you can use $rename for no cost, at any time!

Choosing a class

Next, you should choose a class. There are seven classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Ranger, Ritualist and Raider. The seventh class, Paragon, is only available if you donated on Patreon. What do each of these classes do?

To choose a class, type $class, scroll through all the classes using the arrow reactions and confirm using the circle reaction. Make sure you choose correctly. The first time you choose a class, it's free. Changing your class later will cost $5000.
To see your current class, type $myclass.

Every five levels, you can level up to the next rank of your class using $evolve! To see what level you are on, type $xp or find it on your $profile.
Fun Fact: on level 12, you can choose a second class to go with the first!

Choosing a God

Having a God can greatly effect your adventuring. Gods can change your $luck, both increasing and decreasing are possible. Keep that in mind before choosing your God.

Which God you choose is entirely up to you, there is no "best God", however, they all have different possible luck ranges. You may want to play it safe, or take a risk for higher rewards. You can check all Gods' luck ranges on our wiki. Whether or not you choose a God is also entirely optional.

Your luck affects many things, but most importantly, your adventure survival chance. Lower than average luck can make you fail adventures you used to win before, so be absolutely sure before choosing!

Note: This command will output a text file that lists users with their user ID. To find yours, activate the developer mode in the user settings, right click (or tap and hold) your icon, click "copy ID" and paste it somewhere.

Finally, to choose one, simply use $follow. You will be presented with a selection menu similar to the class selection.

If you ever change your mind, you can use the $follow command again to choose another God, or even $unfollow, this latter removing all of your reset points, the former consuming one. Please be absolutely sure of this before using the commands.

Also note that, if you change your God (or unfollow), your luck will not immediately update. It will change along with everyone else's on Monday.

Choosing a race

Your race affects attack and/or defense stats as well. Every race has its own perks and there is no "best race". Here is the list.

The default race is Human, but you can change it freely once using the command $race. The bot will ask you a personal question when you choose one. It will have an effect later on and cannot be changed, so choose carefully.

Reset points

After choosing your God and race, some regrets might come up in you: "Did I choose the wrong God? Maybe this race isn't suitable for me..."

Worry not, you can change them after first selecting them through the so-called reset points. Every player gets two.

When you still have reset points, you can choose another God or race. Changing one takes away one of the points.

Once you run out of reset points, you cannot gain them back, so be sure to use them sparingly!

Money, Items, and Adventures

After you choose your class, note that you start with $100 and some starter equipment (3 ATK/3 DEF), so you will be pretty limited on what you can do.

You can start with the very first adventure. To start an adventure, type $adventure followed by the number of the adventure you want to go on. So for the first adventure, type $adventure 1.
To check on the status your adventure, type $status. You will need to type this command when your adventure is over to complete it!
Every adventure takes time. The harder the difficulty, the longer it takes. The first one takes 30 minutes. Once the adventure is finished, the bot will calculate your success chances and you will either succeed or fail. If you succeed, you will receive money, experience, and either a random piece of equipment or a random loot item. If you die on your adventure, you get nothing. Your character is not dead forever, so just embark on another adventure!

Another type of items are loot items. Loot items are different from gear items in that you can't equip them.
Loot items can be found randomly when completing adventures, you can find all of your loot items in $loot. This will tell you the loot item's value and ID
Loot items can be sacrificed to your God (if you chose one) using the command $sacrifice lootID, or exchanged for money or experience points with $exchange lootID. You will receive your loot item's value in favor/money/exp, depending on what command you used.

To check and see how much money you have, you will want to type $economy. To check your items, try $inventory, and loot items can be found with $loot
Did you find an item with better stats than your current item? Note the itemID of that item. Then, type $equip itemID.
For example, if the item's ID is 12345678, you can equip it using $equip 12345678. The bot will confirm this afterward. Now the item is equipped, and you have higher stats!
You can use the command $profile to see your profile, including your name, stats, class, your guild, your spouse, and more!

Getting Advanced

There are two things you want to do every day. First, you want to make sure you get your free money every day, by doing $daily. If you use this command every day, without fail, you can build a big streak (this gives you even more free money!).
The other thing you want to make sure you do every day is $vote for the bot on its top.gg page. As a reward for voting, you will get an item crate. Crates come in different rarities, from common to legendary, where the more rare crates give better items than the common ones. You can see how many crates of each rarity you have by using $crates. If you want to open one up and get a new item, do $open rarity, where you replace rarity with the crate's rarity. It' noted in the [brackets] ;).

Making Money

There are many ways to make money! You earn some from adventures, and you can earn money from selling your unwanted equipment. If you type $inventory, you see all your items, including their IDs, stats, and market value.
To sell items directly for their market value, you can type $merch itemID.
To list items on the global market, type $sell itemID price. To see the items you have listed on the market, use $pending. Changed your mind and want your item back? Use $remove itemID.
You can also sell an item to a specific player. To do so, type $offer itemID price @user. They will then need to confirm this with the checkmark reaction.

You can also gamble. You can flip a coin to win (or lose) money. The command is $flip (heads/tails) amount. The highest amount you can bet is $100,000. The chances are 50/50. If you win, you receive the amount you bet. If you lose, you lose it.
Another way to gamble is to use the $bet maximum bet amount command. The bot will guess a number between 0 and the maximum you define (minimum 2). If you guess the number it chooses, you win the amount you bet times the maximum. Example:

$bet 2 1 500 - This would start a bet, where the bot would choose either 0, 1, or 2. If the bot chose 1, then you would win $500. If the bot chose 0 or 2, then you would lose $500.

Wanna flex your strong items? You can battle people for money. The command is $battle amount. People can accept your challenge to battle you by reacting with the crossed swords reaction. You can also challenge a specifc person, by using $battle amount @user.
The battle is handled by adding each combattant's ATK, DEF, and then adding a random number between 1-7 to each combatant. Whoever is higher, wins. If both are equal, the bot randomizes the winner. The winner receives the prize money.
Alongside battles, there are also tournaments. If you want to start one, type $tournament prize. Unlimited people can join for 30 seconds, and then the bot will randomly match them up until only one remains. That person will win the prize money!

The final way to make money is from being married. Everytime your partner (spouse) completes an adventure, you receive a bonus half of the money that they earned. So if your spouse received $200 from their adventure, they would receive the full $200 and you would receive $100. The more $lovescore you two have, the more bonus you get from each other completing adventures.

Relationships and Family

As seen above, you can get married in IdleRPG! If you find someone you want to marry, go ahead and $propose @user to them. If they accept, you will be married!
Once married, you can make a child by doing the $child command. If your partner accepts, there is a chance you can have a baby! Every 30 minutes, you can use $familyevent to see what event happens to your children. You can rename them, they can age up, but be careful! They can also die.
To view your relationship, type $relationship. To see the names, ages, and genders of your children, type $family.
You can also spoil your partner. Try the $spoil command! This is increases their $lovescore.

If you want to get a divorce, you can do $divorce.


With the money you are earning doing adventures, you can spend them on boosters in the $store. You can buy these boosters:

Boosters last for 24 hours, so use them wisely! To get them, use $purchase (time/luck/money). If you want more than one, use $purchase (time/luck/money) amount, where you replace amount with a number.
To see which boosters you have in your possesion, use $boosters. To activate a booster, use $activate (time/luck/money).

Want to buy all the boosters at the same time? Put "all" instead of time, money or luck. No discounts though, this costs $2500.

Getting Complicated


Guilds are groups of adventurers. If you want to lead your own guild, they cost $10,000 to make, with the command $guild create. The bot will ask you for a guild name, and just like character creation, do NOT use the prefix. Unlike your character, guilds cannot be renamed. It will then ask you to assign a guild profile picture. Use a url that leads to a .png, .jpg, or .jpeg and is less than 20 characters long (try using $imgur).
Guilds can have up to 50 members (100 if the leader is a Donator and has done the $updateguild command). Leaders of guilds can do $guild battle and $guild adventure, which are just like the regular battle and adventure, but guild members need to join in, and the success is added up between all member's stats that participate.
Another thing guilds are useful for, is putting money away into the bank. Money in the guild bank cannot be stolen by thieves. Some guilds even create a loaning system for their members.
The best way to find a guild is to join the official support server located here and make some friends!


The highest stat you can find in an item is 41, either ATK or DEF. If you want an item with better stats, you'll need to particpate in a raid. Raids happen once or twice a day on the Official Support Server.
Every user that joins a raid will have their ATK added into a pool. The raid will then attack the boss, Zerekiel, until he is dead, every raider is killed or 45 minutes pass. Those who survive will share in a portion of the reward money, and will have the opprotunity to bid on a legendary crate. Legendary crates can contain gear items up to 50 ATK or DEF.